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All items are produced from REAL ethically obtained snake or lizard sheds, please refer to the FAQ link for more information.

To read more about how the products came to be , I have information on my blog about the process.

Ready to purchase pieces can be found in my MadeIt store and ETSY store.

If you require a custom piece different to the styles below please contact me and I can work with you to create a piece perfect for you.

The shed or moult is available in:

Natural tones – The shed is given a treatment to use in the product but no colouring or enhancement is used

Dyed – The shed is treated and then hand dyed using a mixture of 4 or 5 dyes to give a detailed effect while still conveying the natural beauty of the shed and then given a further treatment. Various standard colours available, each dye lot will vary. Custom colouring available on request but may attract an additional charge.

Fused Foil  – The shed is treated and then fused to a specialised foil available in a few different colours. This allows the natural beauty of the shed to stand out against the irridescence of the foil. It gives a similar end result to dichroic glass.

** Different species of snakes and lizards are available resulting in different scale patterns, please email me to enquire about current stock. Each piece ordered will come with a species identification and care card.

Whole enquiries welcome.



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