Drawer Knobs

Real Snakeshed and Butterfly/Insect Wing Drawer Knobs.
Measures approx. 15mm diameter at screw base and approx. 31mm across the top.
Prices for knobs are:
1 knob $50
2 knobs $90
4 knobs $160
If you require a different quantity please message.  Various species and dye lots available upon request to match your furniture.

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Specimen Jars and Frames

These gorgeous creations would be at home in a curiosity cabinet of old!

Other species are available and custom requests welcome.

All items are ethically obtained, please refer to the FAQ link for more information.

Other pieces can be found in my MadeIt store and ETSY stores

Please email me for further information about a piece.


10291791_10153620120438448_2904483639383735135_n beetle in bullet shaped jar
Framed Marmessoidea Rosea


Heterrorhina sexmaculata in small size bullet shaped glass dome with wooden base
20140803 20140804
Marmessoidea rosea in medium size
apothecary jar
(for sale at cobb + co museum)

Caper White Butterfly in medium size bullet shaped glass dome with wooden base