Bracelets & Rings

All items are ethically obtained, please refer to the FAQ link for more information.

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Fitted Butterfly or Dragonfly Cuffs

These delicate cuffs in antique golden or silver tones are adorned with a real butterfly or dragonfly.  The cuff has a chain and clasp closure to keep it safely on your wrist. Prices vary depending on species and size of species.

Silver Real Dragonfly wing cuff Real Diathera Cyclamena Butterfly wing cuff
Dragonfly Cuff $110 Diathera Cyclamena Butterfly Cuff $105
Callicore Cyllene Real Butterfly Wing cuff Real Shining Oak Blue Butterfly Cuff
Callicore Cylene Butterfly Cuff
SOLD more silver coming soon.

Prices start at $100 each


Butterfly and Moth Wing Bangles

Brass bangles with an 18mm setting with a butterfly or moth wing inset. Or silver hinged bangles with a 1 inch setting (hinged behind setting). The filligree style hinged bangles with 18mm setting are also available. Each will vary slightly due to the placement of the wings.

Various species available.


Real butterfly wing bangle purple swallowtail Real Sunset Moth Wing Bangle
Real Ulysses Butterfly wing bangle Real Sunset Moth Wing bangle
Real Sunset Moth Wing Bangle Real Ulysses butterfly wing bangle
Real Sunset Moth Wing bangle

Price $55 for bangle style and plain hinged, $65 for filligree style hinged


Butterfly and Moth Wing Bracelet

Ulysses Butterfly (Indonesian), Purple Swallowtail Butterfly and Sunset Moth Wing fragments all set under 18x13mm glass.

Price $75


Square Set Butterfly or Moth Wing Bracelet

Wing set inside a two sided glass window.

Real monarch butterfly wing bracelet real butterfly wing bracelet
Wing of a Monarch teamed with
Ocean Jasper Beads $45
Wing of a Danau Melanipus teamed with glass pearls

Butterfly and Moth Wing Rings

Fragments of butterfly or moth wings set under an 18mm glass cabochon and all set in an adjustable filigree finger ring. Available in brass or silver toned rings, various species and colours available.


Price $25 each


3D Posed Butterfly Ring

The wings of this Panthiades Bitias butterfly have been through the resin process in 2 halves and then re-assembled to form a more natural 3D pose. All set on an adjustable finger ring.


Price $85 ( now sold custom orders available)