Snake & Lizard Products

All REAL snake and lizard shed products are ethically obtained from Australian licensed owners that possess all the necessary licenses they require to own the creatures. They provide us with these once the snake has had a natural shed of it’s skin. Some sheds may be slightly imperfect due to the nature of life. These just make each piece unique and are little scars that tell a story about the snakes life.

I specially treat the shed prior to dying and then use a mixture of around 5 different specialised dyes to achieve a translucent, shimmery and detailed effect, I layer the dye so it is not just a flat effect but has variation and highlights in it’s colouring like a real snake does. Then it gets an additional treatment prior to being encased under the glass. ¬†Some of the pieces use a specialised foil that I fuse to the shed prior to being encased.

All work and obtaining of sheds is done in accordance with state laws and regulations regarding this process and all necessary documentation is adhered to.

If you wish to have a piece made from your pet’s shed please contact me in regards to the process involved.