Butterfly & Insect Jewellery

All REAL butterfly products are ethically obtained from Australian and International butterfly farms that possess all the necessary licenses they require to breed butterflies. They provide us with these once the butterfly has lived its full lifespan and has expired.  Some butterflies may be slightly imperfect due to the nature of  life. These just make each piece unique and are little scars that tell a story about the butterflies life.  I also obtain other insects from registered national and international breeders once they have lived out their life.

*Please note I do not have large quantities of insects & butterflies in reserve so if you are wanting something not shown there may be a delay while I obtain new stock from the breeder.

Please note if you are an overseas customer you will need to check your countries import restrictions prior to purchase. I am not responsible for any additional fees or seizure of goods that may occur within your country.