My journey into jewellery making began in 2009 and I soon discovered a passion for it.  I especially enjoy making nature themed or whimsical items that help you to escape reality.

I am constantly inspired by the beauty in the world around me, the colours, patterns and designs are so intricate and amazing!
I firmly believe that while we cannot fully replicate the beauty of nature, it can be recycled and manipulated to be made into unique and cherished pieces.

The work I do with real butterfly wings in particular has a very special meaning for me, not just because of their symbol of transformation. At my mothers funeral I had ordered 5 butterflies (one for each of her children) to release at the graveside service. Upon release, a sixth butterfly, with a broken wing, fluttered out and flew under the casket. Later in the service as the casket was slowly lowered it fluttered out from underneath and flew off into the sky. It was such a fitting symbol of my Mum’s broken body and her new life in heaven.

Working with my real butterfly wing jewellery gives me a great feeling, knowing that I have lovingly preserved such a delicate life-form to be admired for many years beyond its lifespan.

So take a journey and if you find something that tickles your fancy but is not quite the right colour or style just let me know and I will create something especially for you.

On my blog, I share more of my journey which you are welcome to follow.

Warm regards

Anita Baills

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About My Support Team

I have a wonderful family who support me and allow me to be  creative.


I have been married to Russell since 2003.  He is a wonderful man who puts up with my creativity invading every part of our house!

He is my sounding board and always ready to lend an ear or an eye to a new idea.



is one of my biggest fans!!! She is always asking what I have made next and trying to sell my products for me.

Kayla likes to create her own items too and you can find them here or at her madeit store.



is my other big fan.  He is great at helping me with packaging of items and loading and unloading of stock at events.

Noah also has his own line of products now and you can find them here or in his madeit store.